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Baranagar Municipality: Voilation of Building Rule 2007 & Corruption
Posted by :Amalesh Saha Level :locality (Baranagar, Baranagar, West Bengal ) Type :common Issue Category :Corruption

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Illegal nexus between Promoter-Baranagar Municipality-CIC-Chairman-Councilor. Gross violation of Municipality Building rule 2007 by nexus for individual commercial gain.


Promoter with the help of corrupt municipal official, building complete additional floor at 2/28, T N Chatterjee Street in gross violation of Municipality Building Rule 2007. In 2011, first vertical columns are built & when local residents objected, promoter run away as he was not in possession of any kind of approval. In Nov 2012, again the construction started where it left in 2011. What made municipality to make legal in 2012 which was illegal in 2011? Promoter started construction more than 5000 sq ft area without any approval in 2011. what action municipality took? No action. Also, municipality chairman, councilor not showing a single paper related to illegal construction. Even municipality did not replied RTI within mandatory 30 days asking the documents. On 07 Nov when local residents meet at chairman office, chairman said that if municipality CIC feels they can allow Gross violation of Law of land, in this case it was Municipality building rule 2007. It is dangerous sign when people in chair feels themselves all mighty to have license to follow or bend rule case to case basis. The matter was also put into chief minister notice on 30 Nov 12.
Should resident protest against municipality if gross violation of Building Rule 2007 happen?



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Re: 3254324

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continuance of reply

By : Amalesh Saha  |  2335 Days ago   |  0 0

Shishupal's 100 sins were excused by krishna
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Clarification to Nirmal Roy

By : Amalesh Saha  |  2335 Days ago   |  0 0

First of all, just today morning it came to our notice about your post when some one intimated us during discussion. Thats the reason we could not reply. Now your every point will be clarified distictly.a) Its true that municipality did not reply. We will upload our application of first appeal in facebook page. Kindly read the cause of first appeal- 'receipt of no information/communication.b) Regarding personal enimity, i want to remind you 'Mahabharat'. When lord krishna was waging war it was not personal enimity, it was establishment of Dharma over Adarma. If, it was personal enimity we would not given all on the side of 'Adharma' so many time and warning to rectify. Shishupal was given 100 sins excused but krishna shown utter pataiance, repeatedly issued warning
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Detail report-corruption by promoter,municipal chairman in facebook

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First i liked you. now i doubt after read detail in facebook. I disagree that municipality did not reply your RTI. You are either misguiding or telling lie. How a goverment office break RTI law. It look that you had personal enemy with the promoter and for prove blaming all. If you are really right Chairman, protest march in front of local councilor chairman promoter house. Now meadia also cover such events. If you are right i challenge to do it. i know since you are doing false campaign, this protest you will not do.
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Re: Detail report-corruption by promoter,municipal chairman in facebook

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Re: Re: Detail report-corruption by promoter,municipal chairman in facebook

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Re: Re: Re: Detail report-corruption by promoter,municipal chairman in facebook

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